Paradisco @THE OUT NYC, 2.10.13

Over the past year we have striven to keep the gay community abreast of the hottest and latest disco and house music acts that are coming to the New York area. The Occupy The Disco team, comprised of Josh, Ru and Tadeu, came together because of our shared love of music and our desire to expose our friends and other open minded individuals to that which we are passionate about. While we are going to continue to focus on occupying these events as they come along, we’re excited to announce a brand new venture: Paradisco. We have partnered up with Patrick Duffy and the OUT NYC to deliver a unique musical experience that caters specifically to the gay crowd.

We have called upon our dear friend, the legendary DJ Lina Bradford, to provide the music for the party. We have worked with Lina to create a sound that remains true to the classic disco and soulful house music she is known for, but will prove to be a whole new vibe to be enjoyed. Though the music and dancing is our focus for this party, THE OUT NYC will provide us all with some fun amenities, including hot tubs. So join us this Sunday as we make our first foray into giving you a brand new OXD experience.

We curate the music. We curate the vibe. Just show up, and let’s have a little fun.

Occupation Plan
No Cover
510 W 42nd St
New York, NY 10036 Map
No Cover