Satin Jackets: ‘Aaliyah’s Boat’

This past summer was certainly the season of Balearic disco remixes. Some of our favorite producers like Perseus and Coleco turned pop and R&B hits from the more recent past into refreshed and reimagined tracks. Part II of the “Perfect Summer Day Series” does a great job of showcasing this trend (and features another Balearic remix of Aaliyah’s ‘Rock The Boat’ by Coleco). One would expect that once the warm sun passed, we’d see these pop reimaginations dwindle off — apparently that is not the case.

German production outfit/producers/djs/performers Satin Jackets have taken Aaliyah’s epic track ‘Rock The Boat’ and given it the Balearic treatment. Though the original track is strong on its own, this version gives the tempo a tiny boost while keeping the sexy tropical vibe that made this song so popular. The breadth of different types of music coming from Satin Jackets, from remixes to original tracks, has been so varied; they’ve done a great job of keeping us on our toes and not knowing what to anticipate every time we find a new track of theirs.

DATO: ‘Set Me Free (Satin Jackets Remix)’

Danish producer team David Kosteljanetz and Thomas Erichsen, also known as DATO, have released another disco gem for us to feast upon. Having been around for a few years now, DATO’s tracks range from sounds spanning the new-wave generation, sexy soulful house and of course classic disco. Most recently their work has been featured on the latest by Hed Kandi compilation.

German beat purists Satin Jackets provide sleek mixing for this track. They swear by a 120bpm or lower speed for tracks in a hat tip to DJs from the 80s. Their sound is unique, polished and classic and gives the crowning touch to this strong track.