Jessica 6 & Eli Escobar @Mercury Lounge, 11.6.13

After spending the good portion of 2012 and 2013 in Greece, Nomi Ruiz returns to her native New York City for a special homecoming Jessica 6 performance at Mercury Lounge. With new material from Jessica 6’s sophomore album The Storm Inside, Ruiz and company are sure to put on another phenomenal, intimate performance. And we’re likely to be near the stage again to check out one of our favorite local disco divas.

Jessica 6’s breakthrough debut album See The Light picked up where Nomi left off as a part of Hercules and Love Affair. With singles like ‘White Horse” and ‘Prisoner of Love,’ Ruiz showed a true command of modern day disco, with slick production and one-of-a-kind, velvety vocals. After releasing her intimate and more acoustic solo mixtape, Borough Gypsy, Ruiz went back into the studio to put the finishing touches on Jessica 6’s new album, with production and engineering by frequent collaborator Eliot and Eli Escobar.

She claims the new album is the most personal to date, bouncing between feelings of shame and hope, and with a sound that spans from electro-pop, deep house, 80’s new wave, and 90’s soul. We of course recommend getting there early to catch an opening set by Eli Escobar.

Occupation Plan
Wednesday, November 6th, 2013
$10 (advance)
Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston Streetbr> New York, NY 10002 Map
Jessica 6 feat. Antony Hegarty: ‘Prisoner of Love (Arthur Baker Remix)’

By now OXD readers are well aware that we are all huge fans of New York City’s nu-disco act Jessica 6. We’ve had the debut album See The Light on repeat since its debut in summer 2011 and have seen chanteuse Nomi Ruiz and crew perform quite a few times, most recently occupying at at Webster Hall where she performed with Sam Sparro. Simply put, we can’t get enough of Nomi’s sultry vocals, ferocious looks and fun persona. (Check out our interview with Nomi from this summer here!)

While we are awaiting a new Jessica 6 album, a new batch of fantastic remixes of tracks from See The Light has hit the digital shelves. On the See The Light (The Remixes Part 1), a remix of the epic collaboration with Antony Hegarty ‘Prisoner of Love’ gets a complete house-tinged makeover from legendary producer Arthur Baker. Baker is best known for his production work for New Order and Afrika Bambaataa, and makes the original disco track into a stunning 11-minute house anthem.

Sam Sparro & Jessica 6 @Webster Hall 11.30.12

Two artists that don’t need an introduction to OXD readers are Sam Sparro and Jessica 6. Both Sam and Nomi Ruiz (lead singer of Jessica 6) are good friends, have teamed up on various occasions and are currently touring the country playing shows and DJing parties. Naturally we’re excited for their return to NYC at one of our favorite venues, Webster Hall. Look forward to hearing new tunes off of Sam Sparro’s latest album, Return to Paradise, and hopefully we’ll hear some new tracks from Jessica 6’s yet-to-be-announced sophomore album. Tickets are still available but be sure to get them soon. We’ve seen both acts perform live before–this is one show not to be missed. See you there!

Occupation Plan
Friday, November 30th 2012
Webster Hall
125 E 11th St
New York, NY 10003 Map
Nomi Ruiz

We are very excited to kick off the newest section of OXD: Spotlight. Spotlight will focus on select artists and take a deeper look into their lives, their music and what moves them. There’s no better way to start this section than with our exclusive interview with the fierce and flawless princess of disco, Nomi Ruiz.

Be sure to come occupy with us this Friday night at XL Nightclub where Nomi will be performing with her band Jessica 6.

“There are gay clubs, there are straight clubs and then things also get segregated by styles of music. I miss when things were more eclectic and people came together from all across the board. Going out really felt like you were experiencing NY.”
OXD: There is clearly a disconnect with New York City and its nightlife as of recent. Obviously we are running this site as a corollary to that, and to trying to re-cultivate gay nightlife as a culture that celebrates cutting-edge music. We’ve heard unhappy rumblings from many that are a part of New York nightlife about its downward spiral – DJs, personalities, etc. What do you think is missing from the scene?
NOMI: For me it feels like things are very divided now in New York. There are gay clubs, there are straight clubs and then things also get segregated by styles of music. I miss when things were more eclectic and people came together from all across the board. Going out really felt like you were experiencing NY. It’s happening more now in smaller more gritty venues which I love. I also think it’s everyone’s responsibility to make things happen. The people who are usually complaining about the nightlife aren’t doing anything about making change. If YOU don’t then who is?
OXD: WE ARE! It seems that your music resonates really well with audiences abroad, like in Greece, where you have spent much of the past few months touring and recording. Why do you think that is? What would you say is the biggest difference between American audiences and those abroad?
NOMI: In America, people are more attracted to and aware of what the media is feeding them. You have to be in every magazine and on the “trendiest” blogs to even get people to listen to you. People overseas seem to really latch onto things that are underground and new. They want to find something that they can hold up like a flag. Something that represents who they are and how they feel, so they really put their all into supporting you. The feeling is incredible when all the love and support finally hits you out there, then you come back to America and you feel like you’re starting all over again. But now I have a great balance of both. I come home and I know I’ve reached the people who matter. They are constantly reminding me. I’ve finally found my place in it all.
OXD: Remixes have become so popular because they can take a song we already enjoy and turn it into something completely different and amazing. What are some of your favorite mixes of your songs? Are there any that you prefer to the original production? Who is on your wish list of artists that you would like to collaborate with and/or would like to hear them remix your songs?
NOMI: I love what Eliot did with his ‘Prisoner Of Love’ 1987 Remix‘… and not just because he is in Jessica 6 now :) He really crafted his production around the vocals to take it to a new place. He’s such a talented producer. I also love Dim Vach’s ‘White Horse’ Seduction Mix and Eli Escobar’s mix of ‘White Horse’… he really brought the party out of that song. I would love to work with Johnny Jewel on anything! Xxx
OXD: Some people think that some of the younger gay crowd in NYC is resistant to getting to know artists that are not endorsed by the mainstream media. Why do you think that’s so?
NOMI: I think a lot of them actually do support artists who are not endorsed by the mainstream. I have a very good connection to my young gay fans in NY and I’m not mainstream at all.
“People overseas seem to really latch onto things that are underground and new. They want to find something that they can hold up like a flag.”

OXD: We hear there is a new Jessica 6 album in the works. Can you tell us a little bit about it? How has your sound evolved since See the Light?
NOMI: So far the album has been going in two different directions… deeper into the underground and sweeter in it’s pop moments. See The Light was written as a band with Andrew on bass & Morgan on keys. On the new record I’m working mainly with Eliot and there will also be appearances by others producers who are being kept secret at the moment ;)
OXD: Who are some of your biggest influences? What are you listening to right now?
NOMI: I’m obsessed with Lana Del Rey’s album… it’s all I listen to now. My biggest influences are Stevie Nicks, Sade, Mary J. Blige & Nina Simone.
OXD: In addition to performing, you’ve DJ’ed a few venues as well. We’ve seen many artists start to include DJing as part of their repertoire (for example Jake Shears’ alter ego: Krystal Pepsy). What do you like about DJing?
NOMI: I actually have been DJing a lot. I love it because since I’m a workaholic, it keeps me busy when I’m not on tour with a full band and also gives me the opportunity to get close and personal with my friends and fans all around the world.
OXD: If you had to get a song lyric tattoo, what would it be and why?
NOMI: “…for we creatures are the wind…” -Nina Simone ‘Wild Is The Wind’. I think it really sums up what life is.

OXD would like to send a special thank you to Marco Ovando for arranging this.

Photo: Marco Ovando
Jessica 6 @XL Nightclub, 4.27.12

OXD favorite Jessica 6 will be performing at XL Nightclub on Friday April 27th, fresh off of an Eastern European tour and recording a new album. Leading lady Nomi Ruiz has a massive stage presence, bringing a fierce look, smooth vocals, and even her own live vocal effects while performing. We’re banking on hearing hits like ‘White Horse’ and “Prisoner of Love’ as well as (fingers crossed!) some new material. Hopefully Nomi will stick around after for some dancing!

Here’s a great video of Nomi performing at an event for Vodafone in Greece.

And of course, Jessica 6’s latest video directed by Marco Ovando, ‘Prisoner of Love.’

Occupation Plan
Friday, April 27 2012
XL Nightclub
510 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036
Cover Varies