Róisín Murphy: ‘Simulation’

Though Róisín Murphy can be a bit enigmatic as an artist, fans (like us!) tend to eat up every morsel of her music that slips out. Today’s rewind track is no exception, and comes in the form of an unreleased demo entitled ‘Simulation’.

Róisín debuted this 9-minute disco house track during a DJ set in November 2011. She hinted that the track was made by a mystery producer who has been out of the spotlight for some time. It is rumored that it is her former lover/Moloko bandmate Mark Brydon, though nothing has been confirmed.

The track itself is a bit of new territory for Róisín, with a focus on a very classic-sounding, slow disco beat permeating throughout the whole track. The song is almost an experience unto itself; the beat evolves while the vocals and lyrics grow stronger and more deliberate. As Róisín is working on a new Italian EP, our hope is that this track might be a sweet taste of what is to come.