Lindstrøm: ‘Eg-ged-osis (Todd Terje Extended Edit)’

Two of the names at the forefront of this decade’s disco revival, Lindstrøm and Todd Terje are injecting new flavors in the dance world with their fresh take and balearic disco sounds. Terje’s brand new edit to fellow Scandinavian Lindstrøm’s ‘Eg-ged-osis’ is an unusual track that strays away from the regular 4×4 beats of disco and house music. Terje delivers as always with an epic song edit that progresses slowly as new layers and melodies are introduced throughout the track.

We recently had the chance to see Todd Terje’s abilities on the decks on Memorial weekend and couldn’t get enough of it. As fate would have it, he will be back in NYC for a night at Cielo, on August 23rd. We highly recommend this one.