Kim Ann Foxman: ‘Return It’

New York-based producer Kim Ann Foxman has a special place in our hearts. Though it is not very common to see female producers in the dance music world, Kim’s sheer brilliance shows she’s a force to be reckoned with.

After spending years as one of the key members of Hercules & Love Affair (alongside Andy Butler), Kim started a solo career which has proven solid and promising. She often takes over the decks in NYC, at both straight and gay clubs. Her latest release, Return It/Hypnotic Dance, is out now on Needwant Records, a label that has been flawlessly curating some of our favorite music over the past few years. ‘Return It’ takes on a smooth acid house style with an ethereal touch, and the accompanying music video is a beautiful piece. Needless to say, Kim’s vocals are always a pleasure to the ears.