Giorgio Moroder vs. MB Disco: ‘From Here to Eternity (Aeroplane Remix)’

MB Disco, a label from Sweden, is working to bring back the true joy of disco. In their own words, ‘if the legendary Loft (NYC) was still around, people would probably jump around in joy, shining disco balls, hands-in-the-air, roller skating girls, lollipops and a touch of Larry Levan.’ We clearly are on the same page.

To celebrate this feeling, MB Disco has commissioned contemporary producers to revamp Giorgio Moroder’s ‘From Here to Eternity,’ originally released in 1977. Moroder, alongside Donna Summer, was responsible for creating dance music and club dancing as we know it today and formed one of the most important producer/diva combinations of all time. Back in the 70’s, the duo released anthems like ‘Love To Love You Baby,’ and ‘I Feel Love,’ which sky-rocketed them to god-levels of notoriety.

One of the guests to re-work the track, Belgian super producer Aeroplane added his flavor to the original euro-disco synths, creating a powerful hit for the dance floor. Hopefully we’ll be hearing this one at parties soon.