It was through music and nightlife that gay people in New York City, for decades, changed concepts, gained supporters, and helped others be happy with who they are all over the world. Our music re-shaped pop culture, pushed boundaries, united our community, and made room for the future.

Mainstream music has now adopted much of our sound. Nightclub promoters and DJs are pushed to only give us that which is familiar, that which is safe. As such, many members of our community have lost the ability to question, to experience the unknown. We must uphold our legacy as cultural leaders in society and continue to evolve.

Our goal is simple: to re-unite the gay community in NYC through music. To create rich and fun experiences. To dance. To feel free. To move beyond what’s familiar. To reclaim our role as tastemakers. We want to go further than what we already know and be surprised with new, exciting music. And we will work to bring this back.

This is our call: Occupy The Disco.