Occupy The Disco is the New York-based DJ collective of Tad Haes, DJ RuBot, and Josh Appelbaum. They started out simply as a casual experiment between three friends to reintroduce underground dance music to the gay dance floor. The mission was simple: reclaim what what was rightfully ours as a community – and hence the name ‘Occupy The Disco’ was born. Their sound is permeated by a collective love of nightlife’s past and present; it’s unabashedly queer, underground-inspired, and always eclectic.
Whether it’s bright, daytime house music at their Sunday tea dance Paradisco or tricked out techno at a warehouse party, Occupy the Disco spans a musical repertoire that defies the confines of a single genre. Their sounds have been featured at NYC Pride, The Pines Party, and at their residency at Le Bain. They have also played at Good Room, Flash Factory, Black Flamingo, Analog BKNY, and Cielo.