Occupy The Disco (OXD) is the New York-based DJ collective of Tad Haes, DJ RuBot, and Josh Appelbaum. The group started in 2011 with the mission to re-connect New York’s LGBTQ community with the ever evolving underground dance music culture as well as celebrate the rich music history within the gay community. OXD’s musical repertoire spans from techno to disco; they have an appreciation for the past with an eye towards the future.

Occupy The Disco maintains residencies at Le Bain at The Standard, High Line and the303 at Louie and Chan. Additionally, OXD has performed at Good Room, Santos Party House, No. 8, Fire Island Pines’ Pavilion, and at parties such as Ladyfag’s 11:11, BrĂ¼t, The Carry Nation, Trippin’ on the Moon, and Nouveau York.